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        China’s domestic fixed investment has an unparalleled scale. The integration of technology and cost advantages in energy and environmental enterprises takes the lead worldwide. According to the most updated (international comparable) statics, China’s fixed investment reached 4.6 trillion US Dollars, while that of the U.S. was 3.2 trillion in 2014.
It constitutes an optimization of international capacity to integrate China’s manufacture and engineering of leading technology and high cost effectiveness into international value chains. Specifically, we directly serve end customers, leading western equipment manufacturers and EPC providers to develop and operate engineering projects for a third party or in targeted countries. 
Given the fact that China is facing serious environmental pressure, China is trying to develop alternative energy supply to substitute the huge coal consumption. The current natural gas annual consumption of China is around 180bb cubic meters, a very low level for a country with population of more than 1.3bb. In the foreseeable future, we expect China’s natural gas market will boom with a large portion of the incremental supply from the overseas market. This will open up excellent opportunity for the overseas LNG suppliers.

        DragonSP will devote itself to bridge China and the world in clean energy and environmental protection.